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予約 Reservation


Please email us for reservations, cancellations, changes, etc.

E-mail : renniseko1@gmail.com


the day reservations and cancellations can be made by phone.

TEL : 0136-55-8978

Reservations have not been confirmed yet. We will confirm your preferred reservation date and get back to you.


 Information required to make a reservation.


 @ Name 名前 _____________________

 A e-mail メール ________________

B Phone number __________________

C How many in your party?(Please the number of children(under 12 years old) and adults.)



D First choice of reservation date

第1希望 ご予約日_________________

E Second choice of reservation date

第2希望 ご予約日_________________

F Preferred time of day


G Hotel where you are staying


H Please indicate any allergies or dietary restrictions.



I Please be sure to read the following precautions.


Please let us know that you have read the notes.


For customers making reservations in guoups of 8 or more We will send you an e-mail to reconfirm your reservation 3 days prior to your reservation. Please reply. If you do not reply, your reservation will be cancelled. Please be aware of this.

8名様以上でご予約いただくお客様へ ご予約日の3日前にご予約の再確認のメールをいたします。返信をお願いします。返信がない場合、キャンセルとなりますのでご注意ください。

Please contact us if you need to cancel your reservation. Cancellations up to one day before the reserved date must be made by e-mail. Only cancellations on the day of the appointment will be handled by phone. Cancellation on the day of appointment will be subject to cancellation poricy.

ご予約のキャンセルは必ずご連絡をお願いします。ご予約日の前日までのキャンセルは、メールでお願いします。当日のみお電話の対応はいたします。 ご予約当日のご予約のキャンセルは、キャンセルポリシーがかかります。

Cancellation Policies will be ¥5,000 per person. If you do not show up 10 minutes after your reserved time , your reservation will also be cancelled.

キャンセルポリシーは、お一人¥5,000となります。 ご予約時間を10分過ぎてもご来店されない場合もキャンセルとなりますので、 ご注意ください。

if you have any questions, please contact us here.